Venue Sourcing

To find the best venue in Tokyo, the local knowledge and trusted relationship with venue owners are necessary.

We have worked for several NOC’s National House projects and have a list of good potential venues.

Venue sourcing for NOC's National House and Partner House in Tokyo has been reset due to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to 2021.

Now many venues become available again for the next summer as some NOC and sponsors are reviewing their programs for 2021.

The first step of the venue sourcing is sorting out the priorities, for example, Water view, Distance from the Olympic Village, Bustling street in the city center for promotion…

In many cases, the first offer from venues doesn't match with client’s budget.

One of the reasons it happens is that venues do not have the right idea of the market price in the Olympic period.

It is necessary to build a trusted relationship with venues and explain how it worked in the past Olympic Games.

It takes time for it, but once they understand and agree, they would work together for the success of the program.