For the long-term stay needs, for example, project staffs, “Dormitory” could be one of the solutions.

Dormitories will be available in the Olympic & Paralympic period as a monthly contract.

Rooms are individual single rooms, not bunk beds for sharing with other guests, and meals (breakfast and dinner) are served in the dining room.

Some property has a large public bath where guests can relax.

In the past, most dormitories in Japan were managed by each company and university.

However, the demands of employees and students were changed.

It became difficult for companies and universities to manage dormitories by a single company or university.

In that situation, the dormitory management company took over the role.

They own or rent the properties and manage the dormitories for contracted companies and universities.

There are not high demands for corporates and universities in the summertime.

The top share management company has 180 properties.

The cost is inexpensive compared with the hotel stay.

Facilities & Services

Single room:
- Bed
- Desk & Chair
- Shower & Toilet
- Mini Kitchen
- Closet
- Air-conditioning
- WiFi

- Dining room … Meals are served (BRF/DIN)
- Microwave
- Large public bath
- Laundry room
- Parking
- Security Camera

- Dormitory Managers 24/7

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