luxury hotel in Tokyo

Accommodations Management

Using our local advantage in Japan, we provide accommodation solutions for the client’s demands.

The solution is not only by hotels but also apartments and dormitories with a good location.

The greater Tokyo area has approximately 170,000 hotel room nights at the moment.

This number is not small, for example, compared with 110,000 in London and 40,000 in Rio de Janeiro.

Especially the number of 3-star hotels are plenty in Tokyo.

The challenge in Tokyo is the size of rooms, it's small but clean and safe.

Reflecting on the high demands of the domestic business trip, the room configuration at 3-star and 4-star hotels are more single rooms than twin rooms and double rooms.

Even though the number of supply is not small, to find the best hotel matching with the individual demands is very hard.

We recommend securing rooms at an early stage.

Hotel’s occupancy rates in Tokyo:

The situation has been changed due to the issues of Covid-19.

Before that, the occupancy rate in Tokyo became higher due to the increase in the leisure markets from Asian countries, especially from China and Korea.

It caused the hotel’s rate to increase in Tokyo.

It’s quite hard to estimate how it will be after the issues of Covid-19.